Monday, March 8, 2010

Song of the Week: Kate Nash, yeah yeah yeah

For at least one song, Kate Nash has pulled off what so many others, from Rogue Wave to Editors to Liz Phair to Garth Brooks, have struggled with: a change in musical direction. Granted, hers is the easier path, from safe, girly pop to riot-grrl rock. And naysayers will say she’s just ripped off Yeah Yeah Yeahs, which, of course, she has. But a Karen O copy is a lot better, in my book, than a Lily Allen copy, and “I Just Love You More,” with its head-bopping rock riff and perfectly placed squeals, does what most of Nash’s too-cute songs usually can’t: it leaves you wanting more.

Kate Nash: I Just Love You More (from Pitchfork)
from the upcoming CD My Best Friend Is You

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