Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Next Big Thing: Sunglasses

If you know anything about Savannah, GA-based electropop group Sunglasses, you know The Video. It’s embedded below, and is perhaps the best video I’ve seen since Sledgehammer. And it’s pre-viral, poised for breakthrough brilliance whenever Pitchfork or Stereogum discover the joys of watching a pasty, mustachioed bad dancer strip off his retro gear – and get the girls! But that’s not all Sunglasses are about, as their two so-far-released Passion Pit-meets-Animal Collective tracks have caught the attention of hipster label Lefse Records (home of Neon Indian and Phasone). Future’s bright…

Sunglasses: Whiplash

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Anonymous said...

ricky is a great dancer.

Anonymous said...

This is truly awful.