Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Sounds: Parallels’ replicant rock

I’m going to date myself, but Parallels – the Toronto retro-electro trio featuring former Crystal Castles drummer Cameron Findlay and Kate Bush-sounding lead singer Holly Dodson – makes me think of the kind of post-new-wave synth pop I used to hear on CBC’s once-excellent Brave New Waves show or on early releases from B.C.-based Nettwerk Records. If that name-dropping just makes you scratch your head, no worries: Parallels, and stand-out tracks like “Ultralight” and the roboticized “Dry Blood,” stand on their own, 1980s-influenced feet. And if Blade Runner is your favourite movie of all time, you’re going to love this.

Parallels: Ultralight
from the CD Visionaries
MP3Parallels - Visionaries - UltralightMYSPACEOFFICIAL SITE

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