Friday, December 18, 2009

Album of the Week: The Horrors’ Primary Colours shocks

The Horrors: Primary Colours

Something’s fishy when NME names an album its best of the year and it hardly shows up on other lists, especially the more prominent ones (Pitchfork, Spin, Paste, etc.). It certainly escaped my radar, and after a belated cram session with Primary Colours, I can see why – it’s not very good. Okay, that’s harsh. Clearly some people (the hipster staffers at NME) think The Horrors’ second album is the embodiment of all that’s cool, warped and Jesus-and-Mary-Chain-ish in UK art-rock right now. But I’d even give that honour to the much better and more listenable A Brief History of Love, The Big Pink’s fuzz-heavy debut CD also from this year. “Sea Within a Sea,” (named one of NME’s top songs of the decade! – okay, that’s rather enough now) is plodding but decent, and “Scarlet Fields” is an almost-great song. But the rest is, well, beyond me. That’s beyond me, not NME... C

The Horrors: Sea Within a Sea (from The Horrors official site – sign up for their mailing list)
from the CD Primary Colours
MP3The Horrors - Primary Colours - Scarlet FieldsMYSPACEOFFICIAL SITE

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Sid said...

wow...this is actually topping my best of 2009 album list so far...surely i can't of got it so wrong. Maybe i won't publish my list this year!

Music Liberation

JeffreyGeoffrey said...

hmm... maybe it's a UK thing. something's getting lost for me on the way over the Atlantic.

pls publish your list!

S.M.N. said...

Yeah, the album is a bit overrated but I think it's quite good. I may have warmed to Primary Colours because I love The Jesus and Mary Chain... as Jez Osborne says, they are 'hard to get into initially, but then, so much to explore.' I'd like to extend that description to The Horrors.

JeffreyGeoffrey said...

I will say that perhaps I haven't spent enough time with Primary Colour. It took a lot of listens to finally "get" Merriweather Post Pavilion, and that's now my favourite of the year