Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Next Big Thing: Little Dragon

Occupying the space somewhere between Massive Attack and Saint Etienne, Sweden’s Little Dragon may not be new (they’ve got two albums under their belt, including last year’s not-iTuned-yet Machine Dreams), but the electro foursome, helmed by vocalist Yukimi Nagano, is not big yet. I think it’s because not enough people have heard their completely haunting 2007 single “Twice,” a candidate for a hipster indie movie soundtrack if I’ve heard one (hello New Moon people!). “Blinking Pigs” (downloadable below) is a bit poppier than their other more downtempo tracks, but still remains slick and cool. Someone let me know when it appears in a car commercial, okay?

Little Dragon: Blinking Pigs (from RCRD LBL)
from the album Machine Dreams
MP3Little Dragon - Fortune / Blinking Pig - Singles - Blinking PigsMYSPACEOFFICIAL SITE

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