Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Next Big Thing: Fenech-Soler

When I was a kid, the constructs of pop music were much simpler, and if you heard an amazing song on the radio, like “When Doves Cry” or “Wishing Well,” there was a good chance it would go to Number One on the charts, or at least place. (Even Depeche Mode’s “People Are People” was a Top 20 hit in the U.S.) No longer, as evidenced by the failure of brilliant track “Lies” by UK buzz band Fenech-Soler to even come near the pop charts, despite the fact its Phoenix-meets-Calvin Harris sound is supremely radio-friendly. (That said, NME Radio, which is my main Internet radio choice, has been playing the track non-stop.) Check out “Lies” on my latest JeffMix podcast, or sample “I Need Love,” one of just a few songs they’ve released so far, and tell me they don’t deserve better.

Fenech-Soler: I Need Love (from RCRD LBL)

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