Friday, October 2, 2009

Next Big Thing: The Middle East

You know a band is Next-Big-Thing material when you play the first song you hear from them about a dozen times in a row. That’s what I did with Australian band The Middle East and their newly released track, the stunning and slightly menacing “The Darkest Side” (which sounds a bit like a Thom Yorke track, without the bleeps and adding a female co-singer). The song, along with four others cast from the same bare-bones folky, slow-building mould, make up a new EP, the well-titled Recordings of The Middle East (which can be purchased for $1 at Think Indie). It also, along with the acclaimed new record from The xx, makes me wonder if we’re at the dawn of a new genre, one I’ll call The New Simplicity (or glacial rock?), a counter-movement against the over-produced lofi beachrock that has been so prevalent lately. You heard it here first...

The Middle East: The Darkest Side
from the EP Recordings of The Middle East

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Anonymous said...

We didn't really 'hear it here first'.
They've been floating around for a fair while now.
So, sorry dude.... you sure as hell aren't the first.

Anonymous said...

Recordings of The Middle East has been out for a year in North Queensland. Good to see they are getting the recognition they so thoroughly deserve though.

Anonymous said...

was a couple of years back the oringinal lp was released. but nonetheless, hands down album of the year for 09