Monday, September 7, 2009

Song of the Week: Toro Y Moi’s lo-fi funk thriller

It wouldn’t do much good to declare Toro Y Moi my Next Big Thing again, but with each leaked track, I feel the need to do so. And another song, this time the lo-fi funk thriller “Talamak” (which may be on an upcoming album entitled Well Tusked, according to Stereogum), has got me ready to start the Toro Y Moi fan club. If I was 18, that is, which I’m not. So, a Song of the Week, and more warning that the South Carolinian behind these songs, Chaz Bundick, is one worth watching. Or at least bookmarking his MySpace page.

Toro Y Moi: Talamak (from Pitchfork)

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Anonymous said...

Really glad he released this track. His hype has been steadily increasing for a while now, and deservedly so. I can't get enough. Here is a solid write up I found that includes a few tracks:

JeffreyGeoffrey said...

and this guy named Kanye West also digs it: