Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Next Big Thing: Toro Y Moi

I was introduced to Toro Y Moi just last week (via Pitchfork, of course) and have been playing the music from his MySpace page every day since then. It’s blown me away. So what better way to start a new Next Big Thing section – I’d be willing to bet the house on Toro Y Moi. How to describe it? I keep thinking something improbable: Wavves meets Prince with a bit of Animal Collective (and maybe Beck?) thrown on top. Crazy good. Influences everywhere. Groovy and aloof. And the book is just starting to be written about the guy so not much is known (or has been said) about Toro Y Moi, real name Chaz Bundick, 23 years old, from South Carolina. Multi-instrumentalist? Avid photographer? Just signed to tiny Carpark Records. “Blessa,” the track below, is a new single to be released later this year, but it’s just a taste of what Chaz can do. Check out the tracks on MySpace and be prepared for more.

Toro Y Moi: Blessa

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Anonymous said...

I am really diggin' this Toro tracks. I can't get enough. When is he going to release a record already? I found a pretty solid write-up with some sample tracks here: