Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Sounds: Akudama’s strong collective

It’s fairly easy to spot the Animal Collective influences on Brooklyn band Akudama’s music: the Beach Boys-styled funk, the yelps, and even the crazy nicknames (Broccoli Bob, Hanker Chief, Head of Lettuce – maybe a vegetable collective?). But it works, especially on latest single “Sun (From Underneath the Lake),” taken from their free-to-download Sun EP (part of the band’s monthly EP series), a great example of Akudama’s tight propulsive sound and strong songwriting chops. They also name-dropped Tears For Fears in their email to me, and you can detect a bit of Roland Orzabal influence. And a bit of Orzabal is always good.

Akudama: Sun (From Underneath the Lake)
from the Sun EP

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