Monday, June 22, 2009

Song of the Week: The Phenomenal Handclap Band

My wife tends to ask me details about the bands who perform the new songs I like, and more of than not, I’m clueless. I have no idea about the band, where they’re from, who’s in it, and especially if I’ll ever hear from them again. I usually just have an mp3 and a name. Case in point, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, who, according to a check on their MySpace page, is a loose collective of NYC deejays and musicians tired of “playing other people’s music.” I really like their Luscious Jackson-meets-The Rapture single “15 to 20” (and so does NME), but “phenomenal” may be a stretch. Cool blog, though.

The Phenomenal Handclap Band: 15 to 20 (from Spinner)
from their upcoming self-titled CD

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