Monday, April 13, 2009

Song of the Week: DJ Shepdog vs Cutty Ranks

Props to music blog Stop Me If You’ve Think You’ve Heard This One Before and its ongoing mp3 series TEN4SE7EN for turning me on to a whole bunch of new music, including “Limb By Limb (Militia Mix)” from DJ Shepdog. People often ask me, “Where do you get this music?” and it’s not often that I ask the same question of someone else. I mean, where does Ryan (who runs Stop Me) get this stuff? Hats off. And have a listen to this vicious remix of Cutty Rank’s original (which you can hear on his MySpace page). Kudos all around.

DJ Shepdog vs Cutty Ranks: Limb By Limb (Militia Mix)
from the album Cut Ups Bruck Ups & Muck Ups Volume 1

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RyanStopMe said...

Thanks for the props:

I browse/buy quite a bit of my music on

Best record shop out there (Puregroove is awesome too)

Added a link on my side bar.

p.s. I like the JM logo, cool idea! It's a cassette spool right? God, spent hours jamming my finger in those to rewind some mangled Michael Jackson tape, in my youth.

Ryan (StopMe)

J e f f r e y G e o f f r e y said...

Picadilly is great -- thanks for the tip. And yes, it's a cassette tape spool -- you're the first person that got it!