Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Way I See It

On the strength of a couple of tracks floating around the Internet — the propulsive “Keep On Marchin’” (as heard on JeffMix2008.11.16) and the equally exuberant “Big Easy” — I had high hopes for Raphael Saadiq’s new Motown-inspired R&B album. But, like a movie that gives away its best moments in the trailer, The Way I See It fails to deliver on the promise of those first two tracks. While I’m impressed at how faithfully Saadiq and his band recreate the Funk Brothers sound, the album — to steal a jazz term — never really gets cooking. Fewer doowop-y ballads and more marchin’ next time. Now bring on Kanye’s new joint... C+
Raphael Saadiq: Big Easy (mp3) (buy)
Raphael Saadiq: Love That Girl (mp3) (buy)

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