Monday, December 3, 2007

Stars @ The Rehearsal Hall, Dec. 2

A third Stars show in one week, and this one was a treat: an invite-only taping of Bravo! Canada’s Live at The Rehearsal Hall series. (Thanks Christina!) There couldn’t have been more than 60 people in the audience and it looked like many of them were friends and family (including several greyhairs, who must have been moms and dads).
     We got there late, so we didn’t snag seats. At first I was disappointed that they made us stand behind Pat McGee’s drumkit, but it gave us a surprisingly good perspective. At least a new one, behind the band rather than in front. So we could see them talking amongst themselves (and snarkily at each other on a couple of occasions).
     We heard beforehand that Torq was sick, and he didn’t look good at all, but he soldiered through. Frankly, they sounded great, just as a band coming off tour should. And Amy, as you can see from the photo above, was smoking. (Her “Bitches in Tokyo” was the show’s strongest number.) But they did screw up, or at least McGee did, losing the beat completely on the crashing outro of “One More Night.” So, because it’s actually live to tape, they performed it again, along with another rendition of “My Favourite Book.” Catch it all, including a smiling yours truly behind the drumkit, on Feb. 5 on Bravo! Canada.
     And now my Stars obssession can cool down. Whew.


Zack said...

Sloppy sloppy -- They really aren't paying much attention are they? After the two or three booboos on Tuesday night, plus this, one wonders if their brains are in the game.

Midnight Coward said...

I actually think that these mis-steps give the shows more character. I saw them in Los Angeles in early November and awhile they didn't slip up at this particular show, the improvisations (which could cause said slip ups) made me love them even more. They are my favorite live band and they always leave a lasting impression on me.

Midnight Coward said...

Oh, also! I also wanted to tell you (Jeffrey) that I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I see some similarities in our content of choice, while yours is infinitely more mature, interesting, and relevant. :] I, too, am a huge fan of Stars and I am extremely jealous that you have seen them in a venue such as this. Cheers!