Monday, November 12, 2007

The Weakerthans, Jenn Grant @ The Phoenix, Nov. 8

So tied are The Weakerthans to my hometown, a town I don’t much care for, that I’ve had a hard time giving them their due. I’ve let others discover their charms as I searched for more Eastern, cosmopolitan pastures. But the band I saw last week at a filled-to-the-rafters Phoenix isn’t the local act any longer. Tight, loud, and armed with a catalogue spanning four excellent records (including this year’s Reunion Tour), The Weakerthans have matured into one of Canada’s best bands.
     It’s a winning combination: John K. Samson’s super-smart lyrics overtop post-punk riffs offers something for brainiac and cock-rocker alike. And when Samson took the stage by himself to start the first encore, performing “One Great City!” from the 2003 CD Reconstruction Site on solo guitar, he gave the show its biggest Wow moment.
     I was hoping the same was going to be true of opener Jenn Grant. I’ve listened to a couple of tracks from her latest CD, Orchestra for the Moon, and they're stunning. And while her voice is a wonder, her poor stage presence and lack of polish left me wanting more. Here’s hoping one day she delivers.
The Weakerthans: One Great City! (mp3) (zip)
Jenn Grant: Rainy Day (mp3) (zip)


Anonymous said...

Did you ever listen to Sampsons prevous band, Propagandhi?

- Ian

J e f f r e y G e o f f r e y said...

not a lot. i should though. much love for John K