Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Immancabile handclapping

I had planned to make this a blog entry about an Italian band that I know almost nothing about, Ex-Otago. I discovered a couple of their songs on an Italian music blog, Polaroid. In my attempt to find out more about the band, I translated their site to English using Google’s auto-translation function. Let’s just say that there are still a few kinks for Google to work out. Here’s a sample:

“It could not it are to us final of beautifulr season: live Former in study to introduce their last huge Many Salutes, quite a lot of friends come for drinks a toast and the immancabile handclapping, some song to even dance and an improbable attempt of stage diving wireless.”
Here are two tracks from Ex-Otago, courtesy of Polaroid. They’re both of the same song, but one is a live version. I think it’s more fun. And more wireless.
Ex-Otago: Amato the Greengrocer (mp3)
Ex-Otago: Amato the Greengrocer (live on Polaroid) (mp3)

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