Saturday, June 16, 2007

It’s not me saying this

Most music blogs have some kind of disclaimer that—we hope—keeps the lawyers at bay while we offer music files to be “sampled.” But I’ve never come across a disclaimer that says it so, um, forcefully. From dillonMP3:
“dillonMP3 is a music blog that enables people to discover new music. We ARE NOT an illegal mp3, download, warrez site. We do not advocate the pirating of copyrighted materials. We only provide temporary, sample, downloads. We delete our samples after X number of downloads. We ADVOCATE the purchasing of music; all of our reviews contain links to purchase music. If you want a certain post, or piece of music, removed, feel free to contact us. dillondoyle [@]
“Recently dillonMP3 decided to include links to .torrent files for the album reviewed. dillonMP3 did this out of much discussion, and legal angst. The .torrent files are not hosted by us, and neither is any of the content that they contain. .torrent works by not having a single illegal document on any of my servers (or those of The Pirate Bay’s). This way it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY what you do with these files. We decided that our users would benefit from this convenience. We do not advocate robbing artists. We want you to go to their concerts, and support the artist. We believe that the record industry needs to change, and we also believe that the RIAA needs to fuck off. We think artists need to not be robbed by their publishing companies. Support your artists directly, and don’t support the man. Please voice your gripes, and concerns to dillondoyle [@] (we will respond, and will most likely remove the requested .torrent file).”

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