Monday, July 20, 2009

Song of the Week: Rainbow Bridge’s big wave

Lo-fi may be the sound of 2009 – at least if you read Gorilla Vs. Bear a lot – but it isn’t really my thing. The whole point of lo-fi 2.0 seems to be to play super-lazy pop songs with huge distortion, which both masks mistakes and gives the impression that it’s okay, dude, to make mistakes. But once in a while a decent lo-fi song sneaks through the beach-and-bong haze, like Wavves’ immaculate “So Bored,” and this slow-building track, a Weezer-ish ode to surf supremacy by Washington State duo Rainbow Bridge. If you believe life is one big wave to ride, this is your anthem. Hang ten.

Rainbow Bridge: Big Wave Rider (from Pitchfork)
from an upcoming, limited-edition 7" (click to pre-order)

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